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Why Buy a Powerful blender?


If you’re new to using a blender, then there are all kinds of things to learn. You want to know the basics of blending, and you’re going to be looking up some great recipes. You’re likely to be using that blender quite often once you make your purchase. There are simple and basic blenders, and then there are the most powerful blenders. Whether you’re a novice or have been blending for quite awhile, those powerful blenders are definitely appealing. They are durable and efficient, and you definitely can count on them doing what you need them to do.

What type of money do you have in your budget for a new blender?

One thing you don’t want to end up doing is buying a cheap blender that falls apart. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be looking for the expensive price tags, but you want to pay attention to product descriptions and reviews. Certain blenders will be advertised as being the most powerful, but you definitely want to make sure that you look at what people say in reviews.

Businesses can say what they want, but you want those facts verified. Plus, you’ll have different products to choose from when it comes to powerful blenders. So you’ll have to distinguish between them in different ways. You’ll also want to pay attention to the size and design of different blenders so that you get one that is a good fit for your kitchen.

When you’re considering getting the most powerful blender, one thing you want to think about is what you plan on doing with the blender. Also, how easy is it going to be to clean your blender? Are you really wanting to use it every day, or are you just excited and likely not to follow through? You don’t want to second guess your healthy eating plans, but this is an investment you’re about to make. You have to be real about your decision.

Some of the powerful blenders out there can be quite expensive as mentioned. Others are powerful yet come at a discount for one reason or another. It pays to look around at what blender models are out there and which ones are most popular. Do you already own a blender right now, but you’re wanting to upgrade? Find the powerful blender that will make a good addition to your kitchen, and start making those smoothies you’ve been craving.

I would have to suggest either my FIRST or SECOND place winners for this category:

First Place: 575 Blendtec Blender

Here is the Classic 575 Blendtec Blender, in Poppy (also in White & Black), with an unbelievable FULL 7 Year Warranty!My NUMBER 1 PICK for the best blender for the money is the Refurbished Model Classic 575 BLENDTEC Blender. Blendtec Blenders are known for their superior construction,durability and longevity. The Classic 575 has a full 3 HP motor, a Touchpad Interface for easy cleaning, pre – programmed cycles, 5 incremental speeds +Pulse, and an illuminated LCD timer which displays remaining time on blends. It has an average customer rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars!

This tremendous piece of equipment sells for just $319.95 AND has a SEVEN YEAR Warranty! I have looked at a LOT of blenders and I have not seen ANY for $320 that have a full 7 year REPAIR or REPLACE Warranty! It is advertised as the last blender you will ever buy, and with this warranty, that would definitely be the case! The price of this blender divided by 7 years is $45.71……so, with the repair/replace warranty, for 45.71 a year you KNOW you will have a blender every year for 7 years! Do you think you could buy a blender for $45.71 and expect that it would last 7 years? I doubt that you could!

Second Place: The One and Only Breville Boss!

My NUMBER 2 PICK for the best blender for the money is the Breville Boss(TM) by Breville USA. It’s construction, durability, and longevity are stupendous. It has a powerful 2.0 Horsepower motor (1500W), a manual speed control with 12 speeds from very slow to high speed milling. It has a large 68 oz shatterproof pitcher. It has a patented Breville Assist(TM) Lid with unique ring pull, which ensures the lid is easy to remove yet stays sealed tight during operation.

It has a dedicated auto clean function to easily clean around blades, a timer with count-up and count-down modes, a pause button for maximum control to pause, resume or restart program, a tight fitting vented lid which allows steam to escape during soup program, and a push-in cord storage. Obviously the design is very well thought out and implemented! It costs $400, but with a full 7 Year REPAIR/REPLACE Warranty, it will be the last blender you will ever buy!


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