Tricks to make Halloween costumes scarier

Tricks to make Halloween costumes scarier

Are you looking for new ways to spice up your Halloween costume? Perhaps you can take your scariness to the next level?

These are some of the best ways to make your next creepy costume stand out.

The Depiction Of A Fearsome Movie Character

You have probably seen horror movies at least once before you get excited about spreading fear this Halloween. You probably know which famous characters can scare people.

The devil is in details! One look is the hallmark of horror movie villains. Only the most important elements of this look should be captured so passersby can clearly see what kind of evil you project.

This means that you should match their hair and makeup as closely as possible. You can also get a mask that is made specifically for your costume, which will be faster and easier. Examples might be:

  • Michael Moore, Halloween: Dark clothing and a frighteningly pale mask
  • Joker: Alarmingly painted smile, green hair, smudged make-up, and a smudged complexion
  • Any dead/undead bride: old white/wedding dress, veil, dark makeup


If you combine creepy costumes with creepy behavior, it can be quite chilling. Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of theatrical makeup.

A simple, black-and-white-painted mask, combined with a slow, dead silent manner, will make it easy for all the zombies, ghouls and mamas to cross the street to give space.

Bonus tip Invite friends to help you match your theme. You will be able to show off your impressive costumes and make it clear that you are not a serial killer.

Bring Props

A few good props can make your costume go from “heh, pretty decent” to “DAMN.” It was a great act!

These tried-and-true ideas:

  • Fake knife, ax or other weapon
  • Contacts with brightly colored contacts (WHITE contact are especially frightening)
  • Fake teeth or fake fangs
  • A product that is strongly linked to the character you want to portray


Anything that appears human, but fundamentally different from us, is a problem. It is easy to do this with a lot dark, deep black makeup. It can be used to blur, obscure, or make certain aspects of your appearance disappear.

To make a variety of costumes such as a zombie, murder-y nurse, or nun, add big dark splotches to the eyes.

To make holes or voids, apply as much dark as possible to other features such as your nose or eyes.

You can also try a different makeup color that matches your skin tone or your costume’s tones to reduce those marks .

There you go! These scary Halloween costumes ideas will help you avoid embarrassing your parents or impressing your friends the next time you try it.

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